About the Artist


Hi, my name is Karina Wiles. I am an artist, wife and mum to 3 beautiful children.
I completed a Visual Arts Degree at the University of South Australia where I dabbled in many styles of art, finding I was most passionate about photography.
In my early years of employment it was photography that was my drive and I spent many years in photographic labs printing photos experiencing many virtual trips around the world, birthdays and weddings. It was here I learned some extra graphic design and advertising skills. Eventually I branched out to discover my own Wedding Photography business.
My interest in Fibre Art came as I was spending more time at home with my children and needing a creative outlet. 
I have never looked back! Fibre arts is where I want to be and I also want you to love this craft with me. That's why I have created the products in my online store. I have devoured to make these supplies available to you, so you can begin a creative journey.
I believed in myself and here I am.
So, Ive shared my story......come along and join in a tutorial or workshop. I would love to share my love for fibre, colour and texture with you and also endeavour to know more about you!