My Little Dreamer Studio began in 2012 as a boutique children's wear store selling hand sewn clothing for babies and toddlers.

However we have evolved into an online business specialising in fibre arts and textiles. Handmade goods are important to us as you can see the results happening in front of you. It creates a sense of satisfaction that all our treasured customers are getting a high quality product.

We want to welcome you into the fibre arts community and endeavour to take you along a creative journey, become connected and be fulfilled.

Teaching and making these textiles available to the wider community, finding the knowledge and offering creativity on a plate. Making first choice and quality supplies accessible to those that require them. 

When I became more confident in my creative world and found my local craft store was not satisfying the call for the highest quality and selection in supplies I decided to make it my own.

Come with me, create your own journey...... be open to the possibilities and find your inner craft!


Thanks so much, Karina